Mission and Vision

The MISSION for the Huron County Board of Mental Health and Addiction Services is to educate and advocate for community members while providing resources for prevention, treatment and recovery supports.

The Board's VISION is for Huron County to be a community where all individuals are mentally and emotionally healthy and addiction free.

We fulfill our mission with the following values:

  1. Good stewardship of public dollars so that the continuum of behavioral healthcare benefits available to county residents may continue to improve and so that the community trusts and has confidence in the processes and products of the Board;
  2. Community training, coalition building and collaboration that promote the community’s comprehensive treatment of persons affected by behavioral health disorders with human dignity;
  3. Behavioral health programs that empower persons with severe and persistent behavioral health disorders to take responsibility for the choices in their lives, because such responsibility for choices is necessary for the full development of identity, of quality of life and ultimately of human dignity;
  4. Increased integration in the community of youths and adults with behavioral health disorders to facilitate connectedness, rather than alienation, to families and community supports and to facilitate dignity, rather than disability;
  5. Implementation of best practices, evidence-based programs and collaboration that optimize the integrated cognitive, emotional, social and physical wellness/fitness outcomes of persons with severe and persistent behavioral health disorders and, conversely, that reduce the vulnerability, isolation, morbidity and early mortality of such persons;
  6. Improved access to behavioral health services through the reduction of barriers that include cost, cultural sensitivity, geographic accessibility and awareness of the benefits of behavioral health treatment; and
  7. An organizational culture that encourages and facilitates all persons in receipt of treatment services to achieve the dignity of being contributors to, as well as beneficiaries of, society.